About Me

My name is Anton Bereczki born on 19 December 1956 in a village close to Targu – Mures, the 4th child and second son. My arrival on the world brought a sense of family happiness. My dad had put great hope in me thinking that will have someone to help him with the field work.  Unfortunately this happiness was crushed after just 6 months.

I was a strong boy, apparently, not giving any signs that something could happen to me. One day I slept a little bit to much. After a while my parents began to suspect that prolonged sleep is not something normal. My mother came and woke me up. I immediately fell down. Alert, they took me to a doctor in Reghin which put a terrible diagnosis: paralysis on both legs. It was after discovered that there is only one of them.

At 7 months I was put into a hospital in Sibiu where I remained until the age of 8. After these years of trials, thousands of injection, 2 surgeries, I have lost the good leg also.

Following years, even though  it was particularly difficult, I tried not to neglect studies. The first 2 years of school I studied in my native village, 3rd year: half in Sibiu and half in Gura Ocnita, 4th year: half in Teghirghiol half in my village.

At the age of 15,  I was hospitalized at Orthopedics of Tg-Mures, where I spent 6 months being subjected to 13 surgeries. After this I went home with 16 kg of gypsum. Chances to survive were minimal.

After several years I went to Jucu where I continued 5th grade.

First prostheses was made in Cluj where I also did my first steps, steps of suffering, of crushing pain and blood. With God’s help and with an ambition of iron I learned to walk a few steps, that helped me to continue to vocational school, in Oradea.

After graduation I returned in Targu – Mures, where I worked for 13 years. Meanwhile I am married and I have a 22 years old daughter.

I make a humanitarian appeal, a call to help me financially to purchase an electric appliance (System for lifting persons with locomotor disabilities), which costs 5000 euro and that I could buy from Flavia Group Bucharest (details >> Video Gallery).

Search into your soul and help me. I offer also SPONSORSHIP CONTRACT. Can be contacted at bereczkiantal@yahoo.com or 0770201639 / 0723437095.